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Cowboy Boots in Bangkok

When I edited the shop info for Tony’s Leather on my “Outside the U.S. Bootmaker List“… I realized I never posted any of the photos I took (years ago) when I visited Thailand.

Tony makes cowboy boots for tourists. He makes boots for business men. Cowboy boots are strictly a tourist or “farang” (said “falang”) fashion item.

Even I had enough sense not to wear my cowboy boots in Thailand. Why? Good manners demand you take your shoes off at nearly every doorstep, and keep your head lower than a monk’s smile. But then, there’s those public porcelain squat toilets. Boy Howdy! We’re talkin’ slippery!

Any clear-thinkin’ Thai gave up wearing cowboy boots along time ago.

Want to see some fancy stuff? Here are some more photos from one of Tony’s customers.

Tex Robin Boots (Now)

This trip to Texas I retraced some very special steps.

When Tex Robin moved his shop a couple of years ago, I admit I got all sappy and nostalgic over him leaving that old brick building in Coleman.

…but I’ve come to my senses. Welcome to Abilene! Gone are the fire hazards and all the pesky walk-in-and-out traffic. And look! …the walls go straight up and down, and there is my favorite display case…and look over there, there’s even a working electrical socket dedicated to Tex Robin’s guitar and amp.

Tex is doing some beautiful bootmaking. Killer inlays or one-row stitch patterns… doesn’t matter, all good…really good. But be warned, ordering boots from Tex is not for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart. By appointment only. Long wait… and if Tex doesn’t like your design, he’s gonna tell you so. That’ll never change.

Cowboy Boot & Saddlemaker Round-Up 2008

Once a year America’s boot and saddlemakers meet up in Wichita Falls, Texas. There is a swap meet, and a boot and saddle contest. It’s a cross between a trade show and a family reunion.

This year was extra special with two days of seminars/classes on bootmaking, clowns, and a night of karaoke (I kid you not.) Next year’s show will be October 2-3, 2009… you may need to bring your own clowns, so call ahead. See you there!

Here are the winners of this year’s boot contest…

Journeyman (built fewer than 15 pairs:)
Winner – Ephraim Glueck (Waco, TX)
Runner up – Bruce Bowers (Krum, TX)

Working Cowboy Boot:
Winner – Mike Vaughn (Bowie, TX)
Runner up – Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)

Winner — James Redman (Mertzon, TX)
Runner up – Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)

Dress Boot:
Winner — Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)
Runner up — C.E. “Cowboy” Loveless (Hugo, OK)

Master’s Class:
Winner — Carl Chappell (Saint Jo, TX)

Professional’s Choice:
Winner — Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)


You can visit my Flickr page to view larger versions of the photos, and to post comments and notes on top of the photos.