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Charlotte Marshall

What inspired you to become an apprentice bootmaker?

When I first moved to Austin, I wanted to find a working apprentice job where I was learning a trade. I quit my job in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved down here having no idea what that would look like, or if it was even an option. I found Texas Traditions by answering a really vague ad they posted and went through about a month of working interviews before I got hired part time in a trial 30 day period. My inspiration came during those first two months. I’m hooked. Continue reading

Jim Brainard

What inspired me to become a bootmaker?

I started leather craft in 1970 at the age of ten. I began an apprenticeship in boot repairing at the age of fourteen. I apprenticed in the repair business for five years with a third generation boot maker, Dave Hutchings. I purchased the business from him after my five years of apprenticeship and worked in the repair business the next thirty five years just repairing boots. My first inspiration came from my wife saying I should go back to Dave and have him teach me since he never did while I worked for him. Continue reading

Lisa Sorrell

Lisa Sorrell

 What inspired you to become a bootmaker?

The only thing that inspired me to answer an ad looking for “someone to stitch boot tops” was the fact that I needed a job, and I’d been sewing clothing since age 12 so it sounded like something I could do. But… then I realized that people could make footwear! And I could be one of those people! And I was hooked. Continue reading

Pascal Davayat

What inspired you to become a bootmaker?

Passion and vengeance


Who were your teachers?  

I’m self taught and it was difficult since there was nobody to ask anything to.

What were some of your early struggles?

Finding supply sources in L.A was tough, it’s not TX.

What advice would you give to bootmakers just starting out?


…What are your hopes for the future of the craft?

I hope it stays alive but it’s gonna become nearly extinct, like most old crafts, how many swordsmiths or armorist are still around?

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The Cowboy Bootmakers. Memories and photos collected by Dana Perrotti, 2019.