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Buying Kids Boots


There is nothing better than getting a pair of cowboy boots for Christmas. If you are buying kids boots online, get them from (I say this every year.)

Since there is a chance your child will outgrow the boots before you get them out of the box… buying from Zappos means you and/or your loved ones have 365 days to return the boots. Free shipping, free exchanges, free returns. Lots of styles. You can’t beat this.


Ariat kids boots often come with something they call Booster Bed technology. As your child’s feet grow, you can remove the Booster Bed from underneath the insole to give their feet some extra room. Look for this in the description in their girls‘ and boys‘ boots.

Roper Boots have the best glitter and bling. And cowboy boots that light up! The girls boots have names like, “Roper Kids Floral Glitter Snip Toe”  …which follow through on their promise. The Roper boys boots look like they are up to trouble.

…and I think pull holes on kids cowboy boots are the best thing ever.

How to Make a Western Boot.

How to Make a Western Boots. Excerpt.

How to Make Western Boots” by Dave McKinney & Dennis Cottle is a popular beginner’s book.

Shop copies of this “how-to” have been handed down to students. Overpriced counterfeits have been made at Kinkos. Voicemails have been left for the author… but now, you can buy this book online

This 170 page book was written so that the art of bootmaking would be passed on and live forever…(that’s what the dedication says.) This spiral bound book provides a useful introduction to the steps of bootmaking, as well as to the materials, tools and patterns needed. Nearly every step is illustrated with a black and white photo. Lays flat on the bench. Easy to read. Room for notetaking. You should buy a copy.

$45 + $5 for shipping.