Cowboy Boot Basics

How a Cowboy Boot is Made…This page walks you through some of the steps to making a pair of custom cowboy boots.

Choosing a Bootmaker…Ordering your first pair of custom boots? Here’s my advice on how to go about choosing the right bootmaker for the job.

Choosing a Quality Boot…Here are some things to look for so you can choose your cowboy boots with confidence.

A Close-up Look at Stitchwork…There is a special art to make a plain stitched boot. It includes skill, a flair for design, and a whole lotta history!

Anatomy of a cowboy boot…An excellent detailed diagram showing many parts of a cowboy boot typically hidden from view. (Courtesy of Daly Boots.)

WebLog…A kinda online diary. Anyone who’s interested in the not-quite-everyday life of Jennifer June is welcome to read along.

Read an almost daily account of my stay in Coleman, Texas…when/where I made my first pair of cowboy boots. (July 2000)

And, don’t miss the sequel to the original thriller …my second pair! More stitching! More inlay! More excitement! (August 2000)

Bootmaking Schools…There are a few different places to learn the art of cowboy bootmaking. Here’s a listing of instuctors, text books and videos.

Download the Instruction Manual for the Singer class 31k sewing machine, one of the tried and true tools of bootmaking. This is the original manual (circa 1920), heavily illustrated with pen and ink drawings.

Field Trips…I travel around quite a bit, visitin’ with bootmakers and pokin’ around their shops. These are some photos from my adventures.

Custom made, vintage and popular cowboy boot brands. Advice from author & expert, Jennifer June (& others) about buying cowboy boots online.

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