Book of Bootnik Poetry

Photo of poet, Hal Swift. Photo by Johnny Gunn

Table of Contents

  1. Without a Full Deck (for Jennifer June) (James V. Miller)
  2. Boot Shopping (Wallace McRae)
  3. Charlie Dunn (Jerry Jeff Walker)
  4. Those High Topped Boots (Bob E. Lewis)
  5. My Old Cowboy Boots (Dwight Burgess)
  6. The Brand New Boots (Bob E. Lewis)
  7. The Old Chuck Wagon (Bob E. Lewis)
  8. I Want to Die With My Boots On (Paul Harwitz)
  9. Working Boots (Paul Harwitz)
  10. Rough-Out Boots (Bob E. Lewis)
  11. Boots (Rod Nichols)
  12. Boots II (Rod Nichols)
  13. Boot Heaven (Rod Nichols)
  14. Boot Philosophy (Rod Nichols)
  15. My Favorite Pair (Paula Sisk)
  16. The Shooting of Dirk McGrew (or The Lady Known as June) (Rod Nichols)
  17. Ballad of Dogie Munroe (Hal Swift)
  18. Where’s My Hat an’ Boots? (Hal Swift)
  19. Lil’ Boots (Rod Nichols)
  20. Trophy Boots (Byrd Woodward)
  21. New Pair of Boots (Rod Nichols)
  22. The Widowmakers (Byrd Woodward)
  23. Recipes for an Old Boot (“The Gallowping Gourmet“)
  24. A Matter of Taste (Hal Swift)
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