A Matter of Taste

by Hal “Nevada” Swift

A fella asked me the other day
If I liked wearin’ jeans an’ boots
I handed it right on back an’ asked
If he liked wearin’ shoes an’ suits

He figgered that that had nothin’ t’do
With the question that he’d asked me
So I said, Okay, let’s take us a look
An’ see what we kin see

I says, as nearly as I kin tell
Suits ain’t got a whole lot goin’
As hard as y’try, if y’spill yer soup
The spots is gonna be showin’

M’jeans git better the older they are
The spots y’don’t hardly see
An’ if they git wrinkled, why nobody cares
An’ y’know, that appeals t’me

They’s a hundert places y’cain’t wear shoes
With boots, it’s a whole lot fewer
You’d never go out t’the barn in shoes
Cuz y’don’t wanna step in man-oo-uhr

But with my boots I go anywheres
From the barn to tomata patch
An’ one nice thing about wearin’ boots
Is m’socks don’t have t’match

So, which is better I guess you asked
But don’t answer back in haste
Cuz a lot depends on where y’work
While the rest is a matter a’ taste

(I’d like to thank Mr. Swift for givin’ us some more pages to turn…when do we get the next one?)


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© Hal Swift, 2002. All poems are copyright the artist and should not be reproduced without permission.