Signs & Symbols

  • A boot set atop a fence post is a sign that someone is at home.
  • Boots hung with their toes pointed to the wall are a sign that their owner is dead.


  • It’s bad luck to step into your left boot first.
  • Drop an old boot outside the front door as you leave on a journey and you won’t have any bad luck on the trip.
  • Tripping over a boot is a bad omen.
  • If you wear your boots out on the toe…you’ll spend money as you go.
  • During winter, place red pepper in your boots to keep your feet warm.
  • If you set your boots on a table, you will quarrel with someone soon.
  • If you stow your boots higher than your head at night, you will have a restless night’s sleep.
  • To walk along wearing only one boot will bring you as many bad days as steps taken.
  • New boots that have never been worn should be be put high above the floor for luck.
  • If you give a pair of boots to a friend, he will walk away from you.
  • Old boots should be worn on Friday the 13th for good luck.
  • If a father wears his boots while his baby is born, it will be a boy.
  • Never accept a gift of old boots, or you will walk in the former owner’s troubles.
  • If your new boots creak as you walk, it means that you still owe the bootmaker his/her bill.

Remedies for a bad fit

(Jennifer June says … Don’t try it!)
  • Fill your boots with dry beans or corn, pour in some water, and tie the tops shut.
  • Fill a zip-lock bag with water, put it in your boot, and put your boot in the freezer.

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