Field Trips

Now when people ask me why I like cowboy boots so much it’s almost impossible to answer …it’s all become tangled up with the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been. Here are some photos and stories of my boot adventures.

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I have many, many more field trip photos on my flickr page.

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Bob McLean Custom Boots Red dirt, cactus in bloom, and Bob’s boots…some of Sedona’s best scenery is below yer knee. (Sedona, AZ)
Slickfork Boots A roadtrip, Big Dave’s wedding, and a visit to Brent McCaslin’s shop in Arroyo Grande, California.
Texas Traditions What has since become my own Texas “tradition”…sharing a cup of coffee and a visit with Lee & Carrlyn Miller. (Austin, TX)

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Boot & Saddlemaker Round-Up 1998 My first trip to Brownwood, Texas.
Boot & Saddlemaker Round-Up 2000 Back again…my neck hurt by the end of the first day, from staring up at all those Texans. (Brownwood,TX)
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Folk Art to Funk I find some cool vintage cowboy boots in “un-natural settings”. (San Francisco, CA).

Custom made, vintage and popular cowboy boot brands. Advice from author & expert, Jennifer June (& others) about buying cowboy boots online.

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