Mighty Life List

Up until now, my “Mighty Life List” has been something that I’ve kept to myself… something that’s quietly rattled around in my heart and head. Things get added and then checked off… and people wonder why I smile so much.

Here it is, for the world to see… a work in progress.

– – –

Look into a volcano • Ride my bike to work • then, Ride a bike with no hands • X Tell Dwight Yoakam “thank you” in-person (done!) • Learn 10 9 ways to cook a delicious fish • Learn to drive a stick shift again • Listen/speak good “bootshop” Spanish • Start a cowboy boot museum • write another book • Help fix my little neighbor Mikey’s teeth • Make granola • Go on a camping trip in my old camper • Pay off my credit cards…all of them • Get a real author photo taken • Teach Shane how to draw a swan • Visit the Bata Shoe Museum • Learn to do a decent 2 step • Make another pair of cowboy boots • Redo my web page • Go to Dollywood • See Savion Glover perform up-close live • Improve my picture-taking • Learn the names of the farmers who sell me food each week • Spend a winter in Santa Fe • Visit León, Guanajuato • Wrangle a sky-high-character-balloon in a holiday parade • Learn the right way to sew a button • Make more of my own clothes.

What’s on your list?

(Bike built for me by Mr. David Rogerson. Ain’t it swell?)