What’s New?

I’ve been making some updates to my custom bootmaker list. Including…

  • Van Curen Leather (Pittsburg TX)
  • McGlasson Custom Boots (Spokane Valley WA)
  • Falconhead — Tres Outlaws (El Paso, TX)
  • Brad Gilbertson (Sherwood, ND )

25 August 2018

  • Old Tascosa Leather (Amarillo, TX)
  • Spring’s Boots (Big Timber,MT)
  • Way Out West Boots (Fort Worth, TX)
  • Cowboy & Co. (Sallisaw, OK)
  • Medina’s Custom Boots (Gatesville, TX)
  • Snakepit Custom Boots (Bedias, Tx)

22 August 2018

  • RK Custom Boots & Leatherworks (Lamesa, TX)
  • Morris Boot Co. (Fort Worth, TX)
  • Jeff Bramhall (Grand Prairie, Texas)
  • Hollywood Riff Raff (Newbury Park, CA)
  • Republic Boot Co. (Houston, TX)
  • Dean Randolf (Canyon, Texas)
  • Don Ville (Los Angeles, CA)

Zig Zag

There is a special term for this, in boot lingo it is known as “crazy good.”

This vintage boot was made by Little’s Boot Company in San Antonio, TX. It was resoled and refurbished by Al Graham.

Inlay on ostrich never looks good to me, but this looks GREAT! Ostrich is a thick, bumpy, soft leather… which is precisely why customers like it… but it makes almost all inlay look clunky.

But wait! This marijuana leaf is perfect. Cannabis Sativa with its jagged spiky leaves. The folks at Little’s know a good heavy stitch can be better art than adding more cut outs.

custom cowboy boot with pot leaf detail

I spent a week staring at this pot leaf wondering how the tight right-left stitches were done. I know the folks at Little’s  are remarkable, but this seemed otherworldly. When I emailed Sharon Little, I got this reply…

“I showed the photo to my guys. Juan, our stitcher, said they did that with an old zigzag machine.”

Man, that’s perfect… anyway you look at it, right? 😉

#Trending. With weed becoming a legal big business, I predict we are going to see marijuana leaves stitched up on pair-after-pair of custom cowboy boots… just like we used to see oil wells.

Repair. Outbound.

7C42B2C1-AFF6-4A3D-A32B-38CFBE842E76These are my black & white boots. I wear them to weddings, dive bars and tv talk shows. I love these boots…and it shows.

I’m sending them to Raúl Ojeda , so he can make them pretty again.
Raúl is among the trusted few. I can put my boots in a box and mail them to him and all I have to say is “Please make them pretty, like they used to be.” He knows what I mean… and what is at stake. He knows that if the white stitches were erased with polish or ink, well…

I would be sad.

My heart would shatter into a thousand tiny pieces, and crunch on the shop floor like broken glass. Bits of my heart would get stuck in the tread of the UPS guy’s sneakers. Each night, when the men swept up the thread and the tacks, they would find a few more pieces… they would forget until they remembered,  on and on for years …and years, and their hearts would ache like a poem.

Raúl knows all that.

– – –

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