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Special to this website…

  • A wonderful Southwestern folktale, entitled– “A Fine Pair of Boots“…it’s a story of lust or love (depending on your interpretations of these things), fancy boots and a REALLY BIG SNAKE! (I won’t tell you the ending…you’ll have to read it for yerself).
  • Here’s a few old-time steps taken from Lloyd Shaw’s 1939 book, “Cowboy Dances“. All ya need are a pair of boots and little practice– remember what they say…

    “The sand burrs prevail
    And so do the ants
    And those who sit down
    Need half-soles on their pants!”

  • This poetry book is a special “Tribute to Cowboy Boots” (…and those folks who make wear and admire them). Read through the Cowboy Boot Webpage’s own “Book of Bootnik Poetry“. This online poetry book is a remarkable collection of verse…written by a number poets, some poems written especially for this website. I hope it might inspire you, maybe to read more within the genre of cowboy poetry?…maybe to try a hand at writing some of your own?

More poetry:

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