Boots II

by Rod Nichols

There’s a “Cowboys Only” boot shop down in Texas
just above but pert near on the Rio Grande,
and I’m tellin’ you the truth if yore lookin’ fer some boots
they got ever type of hide that’s known to man.

From yore ostrich to a javelina bush hog
or a horny toad if that’s yore kind of style,
and if yore thinkin’ snake why pard for pity sakes
they got ever rattler scared fer twenty miles.

Take yore ox or elk or even little beaver
or giraffe it makes no diff’rence to this crew,
and if you favor grizzly they’ll only ask where is he
then skin him out and make a pair fer you.

Now I don’t want you thinkin’ it’s a windy
nor just another Texas Lone Star tale,
but when I asked for yeti they had a pair already
and at least a dozen more were up for sale.

If it’s boots yore needin’ then don’t look no further
than the “Cowboys Only” boot shop Rio Grande,
you couldn’t ask fer better in the way of custom leather
and what’s more old hoss you’ll be a Texas man.

(NOTE: Mr. Nichols wears a pair of boots worth braggin’ about…he has a pair of Texas custom-made elk skin boots. The elk was shot by his father-in-law in Colorado and the skin sent to the Rios Boot Company. Boots like these are hard to beat!)


© Rod Nichols, 2000. All poems are copyright the artist and should not be reproduced without permission.