by Rod Nichols

Now some cowpokes swear by their saddles
while others their guns or their rope,
still others the horse that they’re riding
and some by the brand of their smokes,
but I can’t go long with them, no sir,
to me they’re just hot air galoots,
cause when it comes right down to useful
there ain’t no comparison to boots,
for comfort and ease they’re the answer
no matter with blue jeans or suits,
and I’ll challenge the rest of them yahoos
to do anything else without boots,
don’t matter the style or the leather
elk skin or snake skin or buck,
there’s nothing so good for a feller
while riding or walking or such,
now my boots aren’t custom or special
like Roy’s or old Gene or some star,
just good old American cowhide
but I’m grateful for just what they are,
so hold up your saddles and lariats
and tie down your horses and guns,
cause when it comes right down to useful
why boots man is “A” number one.

I’d like to thank Rod Nichols for this swell addition to the “Book of Bootnik Poetry”.


© Rod Nichols, 1999. All poems are copyright the artist and should not be reproduced without permission.