Those High Topped Boots

by Bob E. Lewis (1929-2001)

My wife and I were traveling across the upper Texas Plains,
When we came upon a small town there in the middle of nowhere.
We got out of that ole pickup truck just to stretch our legs a bit.
We decided we’d walk thru this town and take a look at it.

I saw a store down the street that really caught my eye,
It was the store of an old bootmaker and he was making that leather fly.
He had boots of every kind a sitting on the shelf,
Some belonged to customers and some were for himself.

He had one pair a sitting there that really caught my eye,
They had the underslung riding heel and the tops were really high.
I knew I had to have a pair before I left this town,
I looked over at my wife and she was wearing a great big frown.

I slipped that ole pair boots on and they fit just like a glove except
The tops were kinda high and were as tall as to my knee.
My wife said I don’t mean to tell you what to do you know,
But I don’t think at your age your legs are gonna grow.

I scratched my head and said to her as I chewed on my cigar,
Now these tops, they ain’t too tall mama, I just clumb down in’em too far.

Bob E. Lewis passed away April 24, 2001. He will be missed by me, and many others. There is a very nice tribute to Mr. Lewis posted by the folks at

Mr. Lewis dedicated his award winnning poetry web page “to all men and women who ever saddled an old horse and spent time working with cattle and horses”. His Rafter “L” Ranch remains full of good heart-felt poetry…and more web links.


  • Please visit Rafter “L” Ranch to read more Bob Lewis poetry…and that of his friends. This website has the unique feature of posting many of the poems in audio-format.

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