Lil’ Boots

by Rod Nichols

Lil Boots was what we called him,
he was just a toddler then
in a pair of tiny cowboy boots
I’d bought one day back when.

They were only there for display
by a larger pair for sale,
all hand-tooled custom leather
just the same in all detail.

So I paid the man good money
and I bought that tiny pair,
our little boy just loved ’em
Lord he wore ’em everywhere.

But time doesn’t wait for no one
and as all boys fin’lly do,
Lil Boots outgrew that first pair
so went on to some brand new.

Lil Boots became a tall young man,
he no longer wore that name,
served his country faithfully
then came home to us again.

He married and the wedding groom
wore a tux and western boots,
and I a grin from ear to ear
that long-legged great galoot.

Then just the other evenin’ late
I got this wondrous call,
“You’d better brush them old boots up
we’ll need ’em soon ‘Grandpa’.”

Lil Boots was what we called him
for the tiny boots he wore,
now life has come full circle,
Lil Boots is home once more.

I don’t think Mr. Nichols would mind if I shared what he told me a little while ago in an email…the reason why he’s got such a love of boots.

“I was born on January 3, 1942, in Nacogdoches, Texas. This is the oldest town in Texas. My dad was passing a shoe shop/boot shop one day and saw this little pair of boots that were an exact replica of some on sale. These were really for display and not made for a child, but my dad fell in love with them and bought them from the owner. I wore them as a toddler and my mother put them away. She gave them to me shortly before she passed away some years ago. They are still in good condition and sit on my bookcase. I thought about bronzing them but never did. Now my son and his wife tell me I’m going to be a grandfather for the first time in June. Well, I got to looking at those old tiny boots and then I wrote this poem.”


  • There is plenty more of Rod Nichol’s poetry on his cowboy poetry page …and even a few more pieces at, where Rod Nichols is a recipient of the prestigous “Lariat Laureate Award”.

© Rod Nichols, 2002. All poems are copyright the artist and should not be reproduced without permission.