Where’s My Hat an’ Boots?

by Hal “Nevada” Swift

There once come a time that I tired of my work
An’ decided that I’d like t’roam
So I joined the Navy an’ traveled the world
‘Til the day that they let me come home

Of course as a sailor I couldn’t wear boots
So I left ’em at home with a friend
The same for my Stetson, I left it there, too
But I knew that I’d wear it again

I sailed the Pacific, an’ went ’round the world
Then come back and did it once more
But longed for the simple life that I had left
An’ then come t’live on the shore

I found Arizona was mostly unchanged
My friend though had moved to the ‘burbs
An’ took both my boots and my hat along too
An’ filled them with flowers an’ herbs

Now she had gone “Hippy” and married a Dude
So I brought ‘er some flower pots an’ said
Kin I have my boots back, my cowboy hat too
An’ you kin use these things instead

My boots both had dirt in ’em, I didn’t care
My hat smelled like peppermint tea
But she give ’em back an’ I put ’em all on
An’ I felt once again I was me

(Mr. Swift swears this is a true story.)


© Hal Swift, 2001. All poems are copyright the artist and should not be reproduced without permission.