The Brand New Boots

by Bob E. Lewis (1929-2001)

There’s one chore that I sure hate to do,
Living this old cowboy life of mine.
It’s going to town to buy new clothes,
Somewhere around Christmas time.

I went into this old boot store one day,
Just to see if I could possibly find,
A new pair of good old bullhide boots,
That might last a long long time.

I found a pair a setting on the shelf,
That looked mighty good and strong,
The salesman said you better try them,
To make sure they’re not too short or long.

I would have to pull these old boots off,
So I sat down in a chair that was there,
I wondered if I had put on clean socks,
When I washed and I greased up my hair.

I waited til I could see no one around,
Then I pulled that old boot off you see,
My big toe was sticking plumb out in plain sight,
My boot went on, then away I did flee.

I rode my old horse as fast as I could,
Back out to the bunkhouse alone.
I’d not have a new pair of boots for this year,
I’d just wear this old pair I had on.

I will always remember Mr. Bob E. Lewis for his generosity. His Rafter “L” Ranch is full of good heart-felt poetry…like this one, and Those High Topped Boots (did ya see page 4?). Please pay his Rafter “L” Ranch a visit.


  • Please visit Rafter “L” Ranch to read more Bob Lewis poetry…and that of his friends. This website has the unique feature of posting many of the poems in audio-format.

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