Working Boots

by Paul Harwitz

Working boots are what I wear.
For fancy dude shoes I don’t care.
I’m stepping in cow-plop, not trendy restaurants.
What rich fellas vaunt don’t match my wants.

My vehicle’s not an expensive, useless car,
To ferry me to and from some haughty bar.
It’s a beat-up, hard-working pick-up truck,
Not a gaudy toy to help me strut and cluck.

My boots aren’t made of ostrich or alligator or snake.
Just regular leather is what I always take.
I don’t buy boots to impress folks here-abouts.
If I tried to do that, they’d laugh their insides out.

My boots have to work just as hard as I do.
They don’t need to be green or purple or blue.
I don’t buy strangling neckties or constricting business suits,
So I’ll just stick to buying honest working man’s boots.

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