I Want to Die with My Boots On

by Paul Harwitz

I want to live in the West and die in the West,
Savoring the life that I love the best.
I don’t want to be shoehorned into some giant city
Filled with pollution and crime, but without any pity.

I need wide open spaces, not skyscrappers forlorn.
I want to see unspoiled Nature when I get up each morn.
I want to live among people who respect the land,
And respect each other, and give a helping hand.

I want to enjoy untrampled prairies and untamed streams.
I want to live among friends who know what it means
To see wild creatures living free instead of behind bars.
I want to live where people ride horses instead of cars.

I want to live free out West, where my soul isn’t in pawn.
I don’t want to go somewheres else and high muck-a-muck it.
I want to die with my boots on,
So I won’t hurt my toe when I kick the bucket.

Paul Harwitz is a poet who work and teachings celebrate the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural diversity of the West.


  • Please visit Raucous Ranch for more cowboy poetry. Mr. Harwitz has set aside part of his web site to provide teachers with instructional materials which help to bring the history, culture and literature of the North American West into the classroom.
  • You can also see some of Mr. Harwitz’s poetry posted at www.cowboypoetry.com.

© Paul Harwitz, 1998. All poems are copyright the artist and should not be reproduced without permission.