Friday…next Friday I get my sewing machine delivered, roller foot, table et al….and I get it carried up the five or six steps up to the house. My roommate gave me her office. We moved her desk and files and piles into the dining room, that’s where I usta have my “office.” I have some rubber heel caps I won as a raffle prize at Brownwood last year. I think I might put them under the feet of the Singer so I don’t wreck the wood floors. Today I remembered I don’t have any thread or needles…gotta get some.

It’s Friday. Today is “boot day”…I’m at home doing “boot stuff.” I think I found myself a sewing machine, a 31-20…from a guy in Emeryville, not far from my house. He wants $400. He has to put it together, sounds like he’s got himself a Singer pick-n-pull…heads in the warehouse, roller feet in the parts bin. I might get it here in the house by the end of next week. C.T. Chappell (Saint Jo, TX) had some machines, but neither one of us was too excited about the shipping. Maybe I can practice stitching on my next boot day. Today, I’m gonna work on updating my webpage. I’m working on a feature which is a bit complicated…lots of photos, html links, and some frames.

Last night I went to see Dwight Yoakam perform. He was wearing those infamous TIGHT pants. They leave nothing to the imagination …you could see (ahem) everything …the height of the man’s boot tops..the shape of his inlays*…the works!

*…oh, they were playing cards.

Tonight I’m whittling with my lip knife. I think I’m whittling a spoon. I bought some balsa wood at the craft store. They only had “economy bags” so I ended up with all sorts of pieces…square, flat, big, tiny…and some that looks like miniature house siding. I surfed the web a bit, and found the most amazing thing.