The fate of OSU-Okmulgee’s Boot & Saddlemaking Program

“It is with regret that we officially announce OSU-Okmulgee’s decision to close our Shoe, Boot & Saddle program of study. NO new students will be accepted for enrollment this spring 2005, and SBS technical courses will be offered only through December 2005.” (Source)

Yes, the rumors are true…Oklahoma State is closing it’s Boot & Saddlemaking Program*, but all is not lost. I spoke with longtime instructor Mike DeWitt today and he tells me the program will be moved to nearby Green Country Technology Center.

You can contact the Center at (918) 758-0840.

Details will follow, but students will begin their courses in August 2005.

Mr. DeWitt thinks the move will benefit both the program and its new students. The program will be housed in a brand new building …custom-built to meet its instructional and equipment needs. And students will no longer be burdened with general education requirements like history, math and speech classes.

Mike DeWitt has agreed to follow the program to its new location…at least long enough to make sure it gets off to a good strong start.

*OSU-Okmulgee’s Boot & Saddle program is the only one of it’s kind remaining in the United States.

Alumni of the OSU program include:

  • Brian C. Thomas (Abilene, TX)
  • James “Smitty” Smith (Beggs, OK)
  • Lee Miller (Austin, TX)
  • Glenderson Daly (San Antonio,TX)

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