Zig Zag

There is a special term for this, in boot lingo it is known as “crazy good.”

This vintage boot was made by Little’s Boot Company in San Antonio, TX. It was resoled and refurbished by Al Graham.

Inlay on ostrich never looks good to me, but this looks GREAT! Ostrich is a thick, bumpy, soft leather… which is precisely why customers like it… but it makes almost all inlay look clunky.

But wait! This marijuana leaf is perfect. Cannabis Sativa with its jagged spiky leaves. The folks at Little’s know a good heavy stitch can be better art than adding more cut outs.

custom cowboy boot with pot leaf detail

I spent a week staring at this pot leaf wondering how the tight right-left stitches were done. I know the folks at Little’s  are remarkable, but this seemed otherworldly. When I emailed Sharon Little, I got this reply…

“I showed the photo to my guys. Juan, our stitcher, said they did that with an old zigzag machine.”

Man, that’s perfect… anyway you look at it, right? 😉

#Trending. With weed becoming a legal big business, I predict we are going to see marijuana leaves stitched up on pair-after-pair of custom cowboy boots… just like we used to see oil wells.