Today I’m finishing up and packing up. I’ll spend tomorrow night in Millsap, and fly home Saturday. This morning, Tex and I made a belt to match my brown boots. I found a belt buckle at this barn-sized antique mall in Brownwood. The buckle is in the shape of a butterfly, it’s silver with a little “gold” around the edges…and it’s huge. I like it. It cost me 5 dollars….and for the price per pound that’s quite a deal. Anyway, Tex made me a diploma to take home with me. I’m gonna practice stitchin’ some more, maybe work on sharpening that lip knife. Tex, Margaret and I are going out to dinner tonight at the steakhouse I think. I’ve learned a lot…I’ll have to put some of it up on my web page. It’s a good to follow your dreams.