It’s raining today, and I’m waitin’ for the sewing machine fella to call…I get my sewing machine either today or tomorrow…waitin’…waitin’. I spent this morning trying to find a spool of thread. I read a post Lee Miller made about thread on the bootmaking forum. He mentioned a place called, Saderma. I called them, and they have a 1-800 number (1-800-843-8851) and a warehouse near me, in San Leandro. I took a trip over there this morning. I bought a 1 oz. spool of thread and a big horse-hair brush. The thread looks too heavy to me, but I got a spool just to goof around with….it was the first time anyone ever asked me for my resale number. Saderma had all the stuff I wouldn’t want to pay shipping on….brushes, heel caps, and big cans of cement, that kind of stuff. They supply all the local shoe repair places, I guess.