Baby’s got “Bling”

When I was in Wichita Falls at a well-known western wear store called The Cow Lot, I asked “Bugger” (that’s what people call him)…What’s popular these days?

He showed me these funny looking “cowgirl boots” with a big lug sole and painted-on ostrich skin. Hmmmmm.

“Sellin’ these like crazy. The girls just gotta have ’em.”

“Really?” I said…kinda scrunching up my nose. “Why do you think that is?”

“Well…” he said. “I’ve been wearing boots for 50 years…and sometimes you just want something a little different.”

Bugger is a wise man…and he knows his western wear.

I can’t say I was a fan of those “FatBaby” boots I saw in Wichita Falls, but that was then, and this is now…and Ariat’s come out with something new.

Recently, I saw some Ariat Baby Bucks and I have to admit they were the best looking boots on the shelf…cowgirl-wise. (See more styles)

These boots have got some irony stitched into ’em …the round toes, rhinestone studs and heart-shaped top pulls show the urban influences of Doc Martens and my pretty pony.

These aren’t boot design hand-me-downs. They’re new and different, one could say…a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

…and it’s true, the girls love ’em!

(For those of you who want to see the Ariat Baby Bucks for yourself…step into your nearest Boot Barn.)