Don’t you love surprises?

Recently, I bought a copy of Miss Enid: The Lady Texas Bootmaker. I paid $30 ‘cuz it was rumored to be hardcover with its paper dust jacket still in very good condition.

When I got it I found it had been signed by the author, Dale Terry… also inside was a little slip of paper with Enid Justin’s signature. Wow! (zoom)

Miss Enid founded the Nocona Boot Company in 1925… staying put in Nocona, Texas when her brothers took Justin Boots to Fort Worth. She ran Nocona Boots straight through wartime shortages and two failed marriages …and yes, with every divorce sprang a new cowboy boot business competitor. (Okay, the gossip is about 70 years old now, but it sure is a good read.) Miss Enid was a brave and remarkable business woman.

With only a thousand copies printed, don’t feel left out. Ask you local librarian if she/he can track down a copy for you.

While writing my book, I’ve rediscovered the power, economy and efficiency of the interlibrary loan. Books, past magazine articles…because you can’t find everything you need on the web.

Gotta go, I’m off to the library.

Reference: JUSTIN, Enid, and Dale TERRY. Miss Enid: The Texas Lady Bootmaker. Austin: Nortex Press, 1985