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How to Make a Western Boot.

How to Make a Western Boots. Excerpt.

How to Make Western Boots” by Dave McKinney & Dennis Cottle is a popular beginner’s book.

Shop copies of this “how-to” have been handed down to students. Overpriced counterfeits have been made at Kinkos. Voicemails have been left for the author… but now, you can buy this book online

This 170 page book was written so that the art of bootmaking would be passed on and live forever…(that’s what the dedication says.) This spiral bound book provides a useful introduction to the steps of bootmaking, as well as to the materials, tools and patterns needed. Nearly every step is illustrated with a black and white photo. Lays flat on the bench. Easy to read. Room for notetaking. You should buy a copy.

$45 + $5 for shipping.

Cowboy Boot eBook

I love looking through Tyler’s book, Cowboy Boots…nearly 400 pairs of cowboy boots.

Did you see all those great Dave Little Boots? What’s that?!
You say, you can’t find them?

And those five pairs made by Joe Patrickus, you mean to tell me you don’t know what pages they’re on?

Well here you go, the “Missing Index” for Tyler Beard’s book, Cowboy Boots. It’s my first eBook.

I originally created this index for my personal use. It’s great, an indispensable reference tool for recognizing the individual styles and skills of America’s best known bootmakers. I used this index over and over again while I was writing my cowboy boot book, and now I am sharing it with you.

Tyler’s Cowboy Boots should be on every collector’s shelf. By purchasing this index you’ll get the most out of your book. Here’s why, it’s…

  • Fast. Less time hunting for a famous bootmaker’s work. Don’t miss a single boot!
  • Accurate. Errors in the book’s captions (First Edition) have been corrected in this index. Nine pairs of cowboy boots were labeled with the wrong maker. Do you know which ones?
  • Easy. A separate index means less page-flipping. And a larger font for more comfortable reading.
  • Practical. There is a convenient space for note taking. By writing your notes on this index you can keep your book in a fine ‘collectable’ condition.

Click here to download your free copy. (File size: 370 KB)

Book Buying

I’m a much happier person now, since I gave up trying to buy books on eBay.

If I do find a book on eBay (BUY NOW at $35.95)… I go straight over to to search for the same title.

This time, I was looking for a copy of “Shoe Repairing” by Henry Karg. At abebooks, I found multiple editions at reasonable prices for both hard and softcover copies.

I own one other shoe repair book. I picked this book because I want to read it’s advice on “The repairman as a businessman.” and…

Chapter 14: Operation and Maintenance of Shoe Machinery. (Including…curved needle stitcher, straight needle stitcher and patching machine) General operation, rules to observe, trouble chart, replenishing thread, causes or broken/stranded thread, and causes of broken needles.

I actually bought two copies… one 1947 edition and another 1975 edition. (I want to see if there are any differences between the two.) I paid less for my two copies, then the one on eBay.

Do you need a copy of that old Texas Boot Book?

Don’t you love surprises?

Recently, I bought a copy of Miss Enid: The Lady Texas Bootmaker. I paid $30 ‘cuz it was rumored to be hardcover with its paper dust jacket still in very good condition.

When I got it I found it had been signed by the author, Dale Terry… also inside was a little slip of paper with Enid Justin’s signature. Wow! (zoom)

Miss Enid founded the Nocona Boot Company in 1925… staying put in Nocona, Texas when her brothers took Justin Boots to Fort Worth. She ran Nocona Boots straight through wartime shortages and two failed marriages …and yes, with every divorce sprang a new cowboy boot business competitor. (Okay, the gossip is about 70 years old now, but it sure is a good read.) Miss Enid was a brave and remarkable business woman.

With only a thousand copies printed, don’t feel left out. Ask you local librarian if she/he can track down a copy for you.

While writing my book, I’ve rediscovered the power, economy and efficiency of the interlibrary loan. Books, past magazine articles…because you can’t find everything you need on the web.

Gotta go, I’m off to the library.

Reference: JUSTIN, Enid, and Dale TERRY. Miss Enid: The Texas Lady Bootmaker. Austin: Nortex Press, 1985