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Cowboy Boot eBook

I love looking through Tyler’s book, Cowboy Boots…nearly 400 pairs of cowboy boots.

Did you see all those great Dave Little Boots? What’s that?!
You say, you can’t find them?

And those five pairs made by Joe Patrickus, you mean to tell me you don’t know what pages they’re on?

Well here you go, the “Missing Index” for Tyler Beard’s book, Cowboy Boots. It’s my first eBook.

I originally created this index for my personal use. It’s great, an indispensable reference tool for recognizing the individual styles and skills of America’s best known bootmakers. I used this index over and over again while I was writing my cowboy boot book, and now I am sharing it with you.

Tyler’s Cowboy Boots should be on every collector’s shelf. By purchasing this index you’ll get the most out of your book. Here’s why, it’s…

  • Fast. Less time hunting for a famous bootmaker’s work. Don’t miss a single boot!
  • Accurate. Errors in the book’s captions (First Edition) have been corrected in this index. Nine pairs of cowboy boots were labeled with the wrong maker. Do you know which ones?
  • Easy. A separate index means less page-flipping. And a larger font for more comfortable reading.
  • Practical. There is a convenient space for note taking. By writing your notes on this index you can keep your book in a fine ‘collectable’ condition.

Click here to download your free copy. (File size: 370 KB)