Only love for a dear friend could get me to travel to Central Pennsylvania in February. I am in Lewisburg, last night my friend Ann got married. Yippee!

Before I left California, I bought some winter boots from Boot Star. The boots are made by Frye… and yes, they are gold. I think they’re hilarious.

Never have gold boots been so practical. They’ve got neoprene soles and are far more water resistant than the boots I wear at home. Plus they are at least a half size too big so I can insulate my toes with extra insoles and socks. The lower heel helps too. Did I mention they were on sale?. (I think BootStar might be sold out of this color, but I found a few pairs on Amazon.)

P.S. Thumbs up on Boot Star’s customer service. Their stock includes Frye, Lucchese Boot Company, Liberty Boot Co., Old Gringo Boots, and Stallion Boots, to name a few. Located on the Sunset Strip and the Las Vegas Strip …now that’s easy to remember, right?

Home soon.