Updates to my Bootmaker Lists

They say, “Slow and steady wins the race.”
Let’s see if they’re right.

I’ve created a new schedule for updating my big list of custom cowboy boot makers… and I’m already starting to see a payoff. Now, when I get fix-it e-mails… I can put them into tidy piles and post them all at once. Which also means… I have time to do my bounty-hunter-thing and chase down some bootmakers who may have moved their shops or wandered off.

Voila! This month, I updated my lists for New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts and the Panhandle Plains region of Texas.

Don’t miss the websites for Big Sky Custom Boots (Henrietta, TX) and Schwarz Custom Boots (Dillon, MT.) Also (among the many updates,) I’ve posted new shop listings for Beaver Creek Boot & Saddle Shop (Stratford, TX) and RC Custom Boots in Lubbock, TX.