Cowboy Boots & Bicyles

I think she’s on to something.

Yesterday, I rode my bike for the first time while wearing my cowboy boots. Here are my findings.

Not so good:

  • My leather soles were kinda slippery on my bike’s kiddie-style plastic pedals…although the heels did “grip the stirrups” and didn’t travel far.
  • I worried about the bike grease getting on my good boots. It didn’t, but shoulda worn a beat-up pair.


  • I just stuffed my pants into my boot tops to keep them out of the way of the bike chain.
  • I could reach the ground easier, when I stopped at traffic lights.
  • It was a short trip with a free taco at the finish line. (Thanks David.)

Now, if I just put a couple cleats in the bottom… maybe inlayed a swell top design with some reflective tape. What do ya think? Hmmmmm. Do I add an extra heel pad to compensate for that cleat?

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