Cowboy Boot Pick @

I found this cowgirl boot hidden on the sale rack at (Fellas, your boots are here.)

I like ’em. I especially like how Frye replaced the toebug with rivets. This is one of those boots that looks better with wear. Trust me. Without any lining leather the tops will get a groovy slouch to them. Urban, modern. Kinda post-western. Not only that, but cool in the summertime.

Frye has a long history and vast style library to inspire its innovation. When they stay true to their sturdy Western look their design have real lasting power. Frye can make a tiny change in a piece of hardware or a color… and I’ll ooh-and-ahh all over again.

When I see ventilated boots like this one, it makes me think of boots made by James Leddy Boots (photo below) …or Ammons Boot Company.