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Vintage Cowboy Boots, Tough Love

Yes, I know how much you love those great old Acme patterns. They’re great. They’ve got the tiniest bits of colored inlay with those 2 rows of stitching swirling around them. .. factory-made minimalism at its best. They are indeed wonderful.

BUT, let’s get couple things straight…

  1. Your feet are too big. Only people like me who are too short to be seen over a deli counter can wear ’em. I can wear vintage Acmes… and you get to order your sandwiches with dignity. That’s just the way things are. Don’t worry, you are a member of a very big club, so to speak.
  • It is now 2008. Many of these very cool boots were made a looooong time ago. Don’t believe me? I hate to break it to you, but a cowboy boot made in 1945… is now 63 years old. Bargain leather, once worn, now boxed and brittle. And these boots aren’t getting any younger.

Save yourself a pile of grief. When you’re in Austin, TX go to Heritage Boot. Jerry & Patti Ryan are remaking many of the favorite old patterns in present day sizes.

With lots and lots of boots on the shelves…their stock boots range from the $250 to around $700. (Those old Acmes are costing about the same.)

Heritage Boot also sells custom boots made in the Rio Grande Valley. Prices start at $600 for calfskin and bullhides. Delivery is approximately 8 weeks.

Heritage Boot

Jerry & Patti Ryan, Owners

117 West 8th Street

Austin, TX 78701

(512) 326-8577