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Spider Web Stitches, 1964

This spiderweb boot was made by the Champion Boot Company. It doesn’t look particularly dated now, because in August 1964 it was ahead of its time.

The Western Horseman’s Gear Guides always came out in May. That’s the issue where you’ll find the best cowboy boot advertising and old-timey descriptions. You know, back when boots were made in rich colors of “amber and pie-crust.”

Cowboy Boots — Clippings

Amazing! 257 images and counting. How many pixels is that?

Many thanks to “treasguy” and “mbstinky” for their generous posting of vintage cowboy boot ads on the photo-sharing site, Flickr.

Poke around. You’ll find the “Big 3,” but you’ll also find ads for Paul Bond, Joe Hall, M.L. Leddy, and Champion Boot Companies.

Play a game of hide-n-seek …and look for the ad that matches your latest vintage pair.