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Ebay Pick: Vintage Dixon Boots

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Vintage Dixon Boots. On eBay, $224.99. Buy them now. NOW

Very groovy stitch pattern, 6 row-3 color-orange, green and yellow thread stitching. Worthy of reproduction. James Davis writes about Andy & Nobel Dixon here and here. The bootshop was in Wichita Falls… it looks like this pair hasn’t traveled far from home.

(See what I mean about the orange-green-yellow stitching? Cool, no?)

Photo courtesy of ebay seller, “Texas Wild Woman Scavenger.”

Exotic Cowboy Boots on eBay

For maximum impact, and exotic leather should offer novelty and surprise. Bystanders will wonder, point and eventually ask, “What is it?” Popular with people who want to stand out in a crowd, exotic leathers provide eye-catching patterns and textures not found on everyday cowhide.

Exotic leathers offer a way to add endless variety to a your boot collection. There’s always one more color, one more critter… one more pair.

In many cultures, wearing the skin of a totemic animal is thought to convey that animal’s strengths and characteristics:* cunning, speed, and virility to name a few.

The best way to get the exact exotic cowboy boots you want, is to order them custom made.

Otherwise, are you feelin’ lucky? …here are a few finely-crafted short cuts to help you with your ebay searches for both new and used cowboy boots. Just remember to check the listings carefully for words like “genuine” (not “print” or “embossed.”) Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions, or request more detailed photos.

My shortcut eBay searches for cowboy boots…

* Anyone shopping for armadillo boots should please look carefully before crossing the street.

Photo of shark cowboy boots provided by ebay seller, “steve_and_nikki.”