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As I’ve mentioned before, I was inspired by Maggie Mason to write down a “Mighty Life List.” However, Maggie is persistent in her inspiration… so now, I’ve expanded my list to include one hundred (100) things which I want to do during my lifetime.

I’ve highlighted the cowboy boot items below. See them, there? What do you think?
What’s on your list? What do you want to do before you go?

– – –
1  Look into a volcano
Ride my bike to work (done! 5/13/2010)
Ride a bike with no hands
Thank Dwight Yoakam in-person (done! 10/16/09)
Learn 50 49 ways to cook a delicious fish
Learn to drive a stick shift again
Listen/speak good boot shop Spanish
Start a cowboy boot museum
Write another book
– – –
10  Help fix my little neighbor Mikey’s teeth
Make granola (done! now I make it all the time)
Go on a camping trip in my old skool camper
Present something smart at SXSW
Get a swell author photo taken
Teach Shane how to draw a swan
Learn to do a decent 2 step
Make another pair of cowboy boots
Redo my web page (Oh yeah! 5/18/10. Again, 5/13/15)
– – –
20  Go to Dollywood
See Savion Glover dance up-close and in-person (done! 8/3/2013)
Improve my picture-taking skills ✔7/17/10
Learn the names of the farmers who sell me food each week
Spend a winter in Santa Fe
Visit León, Guanajuato
Wrangle a sky-high character balloon in a holiday parade (done! 12/4/10 and twice more.)
Learn the right way to sew a button (done! 3/4/10)
Be a guest on Charlie Rose
Start a fire without matches… ✔12/20/09
– – –
30 Go on a 10 day meditation retreat
Make a pin and sequin “Mrs. Ferrara-style” Christmas ornament ✔10/8/11
Go on a Black Panther Party tour of my neighborhood… ✔11/5/11
Replicate my Grandpa’s fudge (11/23/12 & 12/9/12 …not done.)
Take a first aid class… ✔ 6/17/15
Knit a 100 97 wonderful things
Play a game of bocce
Go hiking in snow shoes
Drive across the US
Shake hands with 500 bootmakers *
*Currently, my bootmaker list has only 250 names on it… but you see,  I plan to live a very long time.
– – –
40 Join a sports team… ✔ 12/1/13. Go Team Tilth!
Become a wiz at drawing 10 different dinosaurs…and a cowboy boot
Take the ferry to San Francisco… ✔ 4/28/12
Visit Death Valley in the Springtime
Join a knitting group
Go to the premiere of a Tim Burton movie
Catch and hold a cricket in my hand, eeeek!… ✔ 6/30/12
Learn to ride a horse
Plant a fruit tree and watch it grow… ✔ 1/16/12 MLK Day of Service; Watching it grow, now.
Be in a blockbuster movie
– – –
50  Listen to my Aunt Rose Anne sing in church
Go to a fancy party hosted by the Autry Center
Interview Arnold Schwarzenegger
Teach a dog to “speak”
Try to climb a wall
Recite a beautiful poem by heart
Learn to recognize 100 West Coast birds
Take some banjo lessons
Visit Yellowstone in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
– – –
60 Dance a polka in Texas dance hall
Make an unlikely friend
Go to the poetry gathering in Elko
Learn the parts of a saddle
Fix a bicycle flat
Bake a loaf of bread… ✔ 10/21/12
Hang out at Boot Star
Be recognized in an airport by someone I don’t know
Spend a night at the Mission Inn (Riverside, CA)… ✔ 12/26/13
– – –
70 Get my palm read
Meet Manuel Cuevas at his studio... ✔ 8/13/14
Visit friends in New York
Roll over in a kayak, eeeek!
Learn to recognize 100 Texas flowers
Fly 1st class… ✔ 7/15/2015
Take a train ride through the desert
Do 2 pull ups
Learn how to put on (girlie) party make-up
Visit Jakub and his little house in the Czech Republic
– – –
80 Keep some backyard chickens
Learn the rules of soccer
Place flowers on Ty’s gravesite
Visit the places where butterflies sleep… ✔ 1/28/12 Fremont, 1/29/12 Richmond, 12/23/13 Pismo, 12/24/13 San Diego, CA.
Celebrate a 1,000 small successes
See the art in Marfa, TX
See a Sam Shepard play… ✔ 8/5/12
Ride a mule in the Grand Canyon
Go on a spooky tour of the Winchester Mystery House
– – –
90 Inspire a songwriter
Write a million dollar check to a charity
Lie on a black sand beach… ✔ 7/17/15
Float over New Mexico in a balloon
Mail a thousand picture postcards
Milk a cow
Learn to tie 20 useful knots
Spend the night in one of the Madonna Inn’s wacky rooms ... ✔ 12/22/13; Rock Bottom Room #143.
Own a fabulous winter coat
Help Shane build a snowman
– – –
100 Find my birth family (private)

PHOTO: Bootmakers, from left… Tex Robin, Gary Cunningham, Floyd Case and Paul Bond. I didn’t take this photo. I think Mark Fletcher or Marshall did?