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True West Magazine

This month’s True West magazine has a great article, “Can’t Kick the Boot Addiction,” written by Johnny D. Boggs. Look for it on your newsstands or order your copy online.

Is there a cure? Johnny’s article offers insights and advice on the widespread “problem” of cowboy boot addiction, with revealing quotes from Jim Arndt and yours truly.

How many pairs do you own? (Use the comments section below to fess up.)

Shoe are you? Cowboy Boots!

Recently, I was interviewed by Miss Meghan Cleary, America’s shoe expert on her stylish weekly podcast, “Shoe are you?”

You can listen to the podcast and view a few photos on Miss Meghan’s blog.

Meghan is the author of The Perfect Fit: What your shoes say about you. A swell little book, with a special chapter dedicated to “the cowboy boot girl.”

(You can listen to this and Meghan’s other podcast episodes on iTunes or PodShow.)