Boots at Asby Flea Market

Today, I went back to the Berkeley Flea Market. I was there yesterday and I met Bill Peterson, he’s the one with all the boots. People I talk to around here had told me he had lots of boots…actually they have no idea. He has about 7,000 pairs. He sets up a booth at the Ashby BART station most weekends…every weekend but the second weekend of the month, then he’s down at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. He carts around a few boxes of used boots, sells the cow leather ones for $35 (same price as they’ve been for the last fifteen years)…the Lucchese ones for $60, and the exotic ones for $100 to $125. All kinds of vintage…’40s, ’50s, ’60s on up. He sells boots by the hundreds to Japan, and to anyone else who wants them. They’re all in good shape, he polishes them up and puts new heels on the ones that need it. You can call him at (775) 843-5683 or e-mail him at