I have high hopes for my weblog

When I started my webpage, about 3 years ago, it was supposed to be “a chronicle of my own journey towards bootmaking.” I think that lasted right up to the point when I figured out somebody actually was reading the thing. Now as I’m headed off to Coleman, I’m ready to give it another try. I’ve got some high hopes for this weblog-thang. The blogger.com “software”/service is free, I can “logon” from anywhere and just post a few words without messing around with my FTP software. I’m haunted by an old diary of mine I found at my parents’ house…2 pages written on…the rest blank. A couple days ago I read an article on the metajournals.com, and it got me a little clearer about my expectations… Why a weblog? I want the weblog to be an easy place to put my thoughts and experiences…a place where my friends can keep up with me.