Award Winning Custom Cowboy Boots

Abilene bootmaker, Brian C. Thomas won the Professionals’ Choice Award on October 8th, 2005, at the 17th Annual Boot and Saddlemakers Roundup in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The award is given annually to a single bootmaker whose handmade cowboy boots exhibit the greatest artistry and craftsmanship.

Thomas’s boot was chosen from a field of approximately 30 pairs built by bootmakers from across the United States. The judges for this category are master bootmakers each with over 20 years experience. Tex Robin, one of this year’s judges, reported that the panel carefully examined each boot entry top to bottom…and then stitch by stitch.

2005 Trophy Buckle Winners

Larry Binford (Navasota, TX) Winner

Chuck Deats (Centennial, CO) Runner-Up

Working Cowboy Boot:
Terry Young (Paducah, TX) Winner

Dew Westover (Vernon, TX) Runner-Up

Bill Niemczyk (Granby, CT) Winner

Mike Spikes (Henrietta, TX) Runner-Up

Top Stitching:
Mike Spikes (Henrietta, TX) Winner

Bill Niemczyk (Granby, CT) Winner

Dew Westover (Vernon,TX) Runner-Up

Carl Chappell (Saint Jo, TX) Winner
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Professional’s Choice:
Brian Thomas (Abilene TX) Winner

Bill Niemczyk (Granby, CT) Runner-Up

For more information about this or next year’s contest, please contact Mr. Gary Cunningham at, or (940) 691-6750.