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Mind Wandering

I made my hotel reservations for Wichita Falls, this October.

I’m going to the 2010 Boot and Saddlemaker Round-Up. I missed last year’s show…boy, did I miss it.

Tonight, my mind is kinda wandering off… I’m wondering who else will make the trip? Everybody, I hope.

I’m thinking about my life list. Maybe this year, I can sneak off and learn a bit about saddles? Do I keep a list of all the hands I shake? …that seems a little weird. Can I come up with the money in the next few months for a really great camera? Should I drive up from Austin… or down from OKC? I owe Mark Candela a steak dinner… I should fix that. Maybe a live Twitter feed? Oh yeah, cricket season… ugh,¬†cricket season. Remember the year we shared the hotel with that¬†clown convention?

Cowboy Boot & Saddlemaker Round-Up 2008

Once a year America’s boot and saddlemakers meet up in Wichita Falls, Texas. There is a swap meet, and a boot and saddle contest. It’s a cross between a trade show and a family reunion.

This year was extra special with two days of seminars/classes on bootmaking, clowns, and a night of karaoke (I kid you not.) Next year’s show will be October 2-3, 2009… you may need to bring your own clowns, so call ahead. See you there!

Here are the winners of this year’s boot contest…

Journeyman (built fewer than 15 pairs:)
Winner – Ephraim Glueck (Waco, TX)
Runner up – Bruce Bowers (Krum, TX)

Working Cowboy Boot:
Winner – Mike Vaughn (Bowie, TX)
Runner up – Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)

Winner — James Redman (Mertzon, TX)
Runner up – Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)

Dress Boot:
Winner — Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)
Runner up — C.E. “Cowboy” Loveless (Hugo, OK)

Master’s Class:
Winner — Carl Chappell (Saint Jo, TX)

Professional’s Choice:
Winner — Alfred Reynolds (Wickenburg, AZ)


You can visit my Flickr page to view larger versions of the photos, and to post comments and notes on top of the photos.

Boot Contest 2007

Each year at the Boot & Saddle Maker Trade Show Round-Up there is a boot contest. This year, there were loads of cowboy boots.

The boots sit on the tables unmarked. Everyone who visits the show gets to vote for their favorite boots and saddles. Sometimes I can figure out which boot belongs to who, either from design features…or the sometimes the buzz in the room. This year I had a difficult time because there were so many entries.

(More photos & stories at Custom Cowboy Boots Discussion Board.)

(Click here for full-size photos & more captions)

2007 Cowboy Boot Contest Winners


Winner: Terry Glueck (Waco, TX)

Runner-Up: Steve McCord (Henrietta, TX)

Working Cowboy

Winner: James Redman (Mertzon, TX)

Runner-Up: Mike Vaughn (Bowie, TX)


Winner: Jacky Heflin (Keller, TX)

Runner-Up: Brian Thomas (Abilene, TX)

Open Class

Winner: Dew Westover (Vernon, TX)

Runner-Up: Cowboy Loveless (Hugo, OK)

Top Stitching

Winner: Mike Vaughn (Bowie, TX)

Runner-Up: Ben Gonzales (Bryan, TX)


Lisa Sorrell (Guthrie, Ok)

Professional’s Choice

Brian Thomas (Abilene, TX)

Next year’s show is October 3-4, 2008 in Wichita Falls, TX. See you there.

Bootmaker Round-Up 2006

The 18th Annual Boot & Saddlemakers Trade Show Round Up will be held October 6-7, 2006 in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I look forward to the Round Up every year.

Here’s the informal schedule…Friday morning, you get a quick nod, hug, or handshake from even your closest friends… ‘cuz everybody is staring down at the asphalt searching around for the good swapmeet stuff. After 3pm on Saturday everybody’s too busy looking for last minute deals on leather, no time for long goodbyes.

Ahhh… but in all that time in-between, there’s plenty of room for drinking coffee and catching up with all the folks you haven’t seen since last year.

For more information visit www.bootandsaddlemakertradeshow.com. To pre-register contact Kathy Kimmel at kimmels@comanchetx.com, or (325) 356-3197.

(Bootmakers will want to keep their eye on the customcowboybootsandshoesforum.com for more updates and photos.)

Here’s some 2005 photos:

Thirty-two saddles were entered in this year’s contest.

Boots by Brian Thomas (Abilene, TX)

Cowboy boots on display. Photo by Carrlyn Miller.

Bootmaker Duck Menzies (Temple, TX)

Jeff Farmer from Sun City Leather (El Paso,TX)