Mind Wandering

I made my hotel reservations for Wichita Falls, this October.

I’m going to the 2010 Boot and Saddlemaker Round-Up. I missed last year’s show…boy, did I miss it.

Tonight, my mind is kinda wandering off… I’m wondering who else will make the trip? Everybody, I hope.

I’m thinking about my life list. Maybe this year, I can sneak off and learn a bit about saddles? Do I keep a list of all the hands I shake? …that seems a little weird. Can I come up with the money in the next few months for a really great camera? Should I drive up from Austin… or down from OKC? I owe Mark Candela a steak dinner… I should fix that. Maybe a live Twitter feed? Oh yeah, cricket season… ugh,¬†cricket season. Remember the year we shared the hotel with that¬†clown convention?