Cowboy Boots in Bangkok

When I edited the shop info for Tony’s Leather on my “Outside the U.S. Bootmaker List“… I realized I never posted any of the photos I took (years ago) when I visited Thailand.

Tony makes cowboy boots for tourists. He makes boots for business men. Cowboy boots are strictly a tourist or “farang” (said “falang”) fashion item.

Even I had enough sense not to wear my cowboy boots in Thailand. Why? Good manners demand you take your shoes off at nearly every doorstep, and keep your head lower than a monk’s smile. But then, there’s those public porcelain squat toilets. Boy Howdy! We’re talkin’ slippery!

Any clear-thinkin’ Thai gave up wearing cowboy boots along time ago.

Want to see some fancy stuff? Here are some more photos from one of Tony’s customers.