Time Flies

It’s November. Can you believe it?

This morning I flipped the page on my cowboy boot calendar to find a boot made by Tres Outlaws.

It’s called “Redemption of the Cross (pdf) ..and is one of those epic-wide-format-with-spectacular-special-effects boots. You know, one of those tooled cowboy boots that traces history from Columbus to the fall of the World Trade Center? (I kid you not.)

This is why Jim Arndt’s calendar is so great. With pages that are a foot wide and tall, you can see the crazy detail of those great custom cowboy boots. And I do mean crazy.

Today, I’m buying my 2009 calendar. Kinda early. I don’t know, maybe I’m just hungry for a fresh start? Yep. I’m unclenching my uncharacteristically tightfisted little hand and reaching for my mouse. I’m not waiting for Santa, or some sketchy half price sale. Want to join me? Click here for a close-up of the back of the calendar.

(P.S. If you want to skip the Amazon.com shipping charges, just add one of these to your order. Good for you and the planet… one step forward for everybody.)