Liberty? Death? …why not both?

Turn to page 160 of my book and let’s celebrate the “Day of the Dead.”

62 Muertos” by Liberty Boot Co. The human brain is hardwired to find and recognize a human face, making this tooled pair more playful than gruesome.

Many skull boots end up walkin’ a fine line between cowboy and pirate. Not these, despite the skull and cross bones. Liberty boots always have a good recognizable cowboy boot shape… with pointed toe, scalloped top, and underslung heel. (Everyone knows a pirate prefers low heels and big wide toes and a sloppy fit… mostly because he always gets his boots off some soggy dead guy.)

Cowboy, rebel, outlaw…each accepts his fate. Death is a border we cross alone…a metaphoric and inescapable frontier.

Liberty makes boots for rock and roll stars and ornery-types like you. Now, you can find a few of Liberty Boot Co.’s most popular styles at Look for the “multi*view” icon. Click it and you’ll get a 360 degree view of every cowboy boot Zappos sells.

Free shipping both ways, now that rocks.