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Sorrell Custom Boots (on the Road)

Like many custom bootmakers, Lisa Sorrell must personally measure your foot before she will take your boot order. Fortunately, she’s willing to meet you partway.

Lisa ventures out of Guthrie, Oklahoma twice a year; once each January to the High Noon Show in Phoenix, AZ. and once in September to the Western Design Conference.

This year, I joined Lisa for the show in Phoenix. I signed books and bragged about Lisa’s bootmaking. Lisa measured feet and answered many many questions about cowboy boots and bootmaking.

Lisa’s boots were a naturally “fit” with all the fine Western art that filled the room. Her cowboy boots are “suitable for framing” as you can see from the photos of her booth, but I can personally attest that they are more fun to wear on your feet.

(For more photos of Lisa Sorrell’s boots please visit her website at


Wahoo! is a great little store in Santa Fe, New Mexico run by Diane Zamost. Cowboy boots, vintage denim… it’s a curated closet of coolness.

I get a lot of e-mail from folks asking me “What should I wear with my cowboy boots?

This shop has all the answers. You can go retro with a snap shirt and a little fringe… or grab some studded denim for that outlaw-rocker look. Want to go traditional? a little “range-y” maybe? Wahoo! has beautiful silk scarves, and decorated gloves and belts. (You may mix-up all 3 of these looks only under Diane’s supervision.)

Wahoo! 227 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501 (map)

Call 1-800-36-WAHOO (9-2466) …or 505-577-8200.

My Cowboy Boots, All of Them

These are my cowboy boots. I count sixteen pairs, including the two that were packed away in the attic (the blue Lone Stars and the old-timey red Noconas.)

I can’t take much credit for “curating” this fine collection, because so many of my boots were gifts. My closet has been a true group project, the result of happy travels, generosity, and more than a little luck.

Here they are (approximately) in order of acquisition…


Made by one of the Trujilio brothers in the 1950’s, these cowboy boots are fondly known as the “Elvis Boots” …although, really the name inlaid on the front is “Ellis.”

They are beautiful and beat-up boots. The inlay is surrounded by tiny stitches in variegated thread. I can tell the design was carefully planned out by the tightly packed top, but the grassy green stitches along the edge of the vamp give it a playful improvised look.

The vamp musta been something to see, before some misguided soul inked over the red inlay. I guess he had his reasons.

Believe it or not, I own these boots. They were a generous gift from Bryce Sunderlin… who bought them from Tyler Beard years ago. These boots were photographed in The Art of the Boot (p. 37) and Cowboy Boots (p. 107.) I got them this summer, or they would have been in my book too.