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Makers’ Marks

Factory-made? Custom made? Take a peek inside the secret language of cowboy boot labels, signature stitches and inking. I’ve posted a bunch of photos of cowboy boot labels and signature stitches on Flickr. I’m hoping it’s a help to boot collectors and a tribute to makers.

Move your mouse over the photos to view extra notes and info.

Add your own photos to Flickr and join the fun! Points awarded for artistic merit. (If you run into to trouble you can e-mail me your photos and I will post them.)

2006 High Noon Auction & Sale

This weekend is 16th annual High Noon Auction. This event has evolved into the country’s largest and most recognizable show and sale of Western Americana antique, fine art & memorabilia. This is no fleamarket…we are talking here about tablecloths and track lighting.

Even if you can’t make it to Phoenix by Saturday, you don’t have to miss any of the excitement. Here are the cowboy boots up for bid …and you can now bid live & online through your eBay account!

Photo courtesy of High Noon, also a larger image of the Rios cowboy boots.