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Peek-a-Boot Finale

cowboy boots red black

Here they are. My new Riff Raff cowboy boots top to toe. What do you think?

Pascal’s boots always best when they are good ‘n’ beat up. Absolutely thrashed. His customers are guitar heroes, bikers and Hollywood folks who walk down the red carpet, without wiping their feet first.

Thrashing pretty boots like these? …Yep. You just watch me.

(See all the close up photos as a set on Flickr.)

Cowboy Boot Photo Glossary – Wingtip

wingtip on cowboy boots


Fancy leather overlay on a boot toe that is similar to other “foxing” but is often bordered with a uniform row of small punched holes.

Wingtips are a dressy design element that shows up on both men’s and women’s cowboy boots. Often when you see wingtips on the foot of a boot, you’ll likely see the same pattern of small perforated holes elsewhere on the boot …maybe on the pulls, the heel counter, or around the collar at the very top of boot.

“Foxing” is a type of overlay, but with no small holes. It is usually made up of bold curves and points, part flame part feather. When I think of “wingtips” I think of Lisa Sorrell and Paul Bond boots. When I think of foxing, I think of Dave Little and Tex Robin (…although Tex calls his foxing and overlays, “wingtips” which confuses my point, here.)

heel counter cowboy boots

(Cowboy boots made by Hollywood Riff Raff.)

A Game of Peek-a-Boot 1

sole cowboy boots

I got a new pair of custom made cowboy boots… and they’re swell.

I could post a photo toe-to-top, like I usually do… but nah,  not this time. I will post photos one boot characteristic at a time, so you can soak in all the wowie-zowieness …and you can play the game of puzzling the pieces together.

Okay, let’s start. Here is sole of the boot, up near the toe. It holds a clue to the boot’s maker… Can you guess who it is? (You can look for clues and type your guesses in the comment section, below.)

My Cowboy Boots, All of Them

These are my cowboy boots. I count sixteen pairs, including the two that were packed away in the attic (the blue Lone Stars and the old-timey red Noconas.)

I can’t take much credit for “curating” this fine collection, because so many of my boots were gifts. My closet has been a true group project, the result of happy travels, generosity, and more than a little luck.

Here they are (approximately) in order of acquisition…