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Pascal Davayat

What inspired you to become a bootmaker?

Passion and vengeance


Who were your teachers?  

I’m self taught and it was difficult since there was nobody to ask anything to.

What were some of your early struggles?

Finding supply sources in L.A was tough, it’s not TX.

What advice would you give to bootmakers just starting out?


…What are your hopes for the future of the craft?

I hope it stays alive but it’s gonna become nearly extinct, like most old crafts, how many swordsmiths or armorist are still around?

Hollywood Riff Raff • Pascal Davayat
Newbury Park CA
(818) 200-9106

The Cowboy Bootmakers. Memories and photos collected by Dana Perrotti, 2019. 

Peek-a-Boot Finale

cowboy boots red black

Here they are. My new Riff Raff cowboy boots top to toe. What do you think?

Pascal’s boots always best when they are good ‘n’ beat up. Absolutely thrashed. His customers are guitar heroes, bikers and Hollywood folks who walk down the red carpet, without wiping their feet first.

Thrashing pretty boots like these? …Yep. You just watch me.

(See all the close up photos as a set on Flickr.)

Be a Boot Star

I love the texture of these “Petate” boots. If my size 5 feet were one size bigger, I think I’d wear them all the time.

They’re kinda cool and breezy like a wicker chair, but wait… you could add layer upon layer in this fall, turning these boots into best pals for your favorite tweedy jacket. Yep.

Season after season, the Exclusive Boot Star Custom Designs impress. Old Gringo styles, you won’t find anywhere else. Everyday rock star.

(P.S. I’m still wearing my last Boot Star purchase. Love ’em)

Jack Rowin (Video)

Click over and watch a short film called “Boot Camp” made by Kristin Windbigler.

A portrait of storyteller, philosopher and bootmaker
Jack Rowin
by an admiring apprentice.

I met Jack Rowin, back in 1999. He makes a hardworking cowboy boot, occasionally decorated with a brand or initial. Ms. Windbigler’s film was like stepping back for another visit.

Here are some my old photos…

Contact Jack to place your order for custom cowboy boots, or to learn the craft of bootmaking.

Jack Rowin, Bootmaker

21595 S. Powerhouse Road

Manton, California 96059
(530) 474-5146


(Video link courtesy of Deep West Videos.)