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Erin Boot by Old Gringo

There are a ton of Old Gringo boots out there.

I think their design work is hit and miss. Old Gringo at its best is timely and hip…keeping up better with fashion and colors than everybody in the boot biz. Other times, their off kilter styles kinda wobble, and it seems like some of their designs just doesn’t sit quite right on a cowboy boot. (…and I can’t say I’ve forgiven them for their sexy COWgirl boot years ago.)

BUT, I do like to give credit when credit is due… the new Erin cowboy boot is brilliant. Old Gringo uses its heavy monochrome stitching like tooling across the boot’s vamp and the collar with florals and scrolls. Box toe.

A “shelf” boot which evokes handcraft, without resorting to bad embossing or hurried handmade copies.  Well done.

Peek-a-Boot Finale

cowboy boots red black

Here they are. My new Riff Raff cowboy boots top to toe. What do you think?

Pascal’s boots always best when they are good ‘n’ beat up. Absolutely thrashed. His customers are guitar heroes, bikers and Hollywood folks who walk down the red carpet, without wiping their feet first.

Thrashing pretty boots like these? …Yep. You just watch me.

(See all the close up photos as a set on Flickr.)